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I was in the Marines, from 1961-1965, and was stationed all over the world.  I went into the Marine Corps, the 2rd of July, 1961, and got out July 2nd, 1965.  I spent 13 weeks in "bootcamp", in MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) in San Diego, California, and then an additional 5 weeks in 2nd ITR (infantry training regiment) in Camp Pendleton, which is in San Clemente, which then completed my basic training.
While in a training operation, I had gotten real sick, and did not realize, how sick I was, but I wanted to make sure and finish my training, so I never went to "sick-bay".  Upon completion of all my training, I went to have a check up, and found out, I had double-pnemonia, (du-bronchio pneumonia) and was sent immediately, to the San Diego Naval Hospital, where I remained for 58 days.  I had, what they called, "walking pnemonia", and had such a severe case, that one-two more days, and I would surely have died.
I was put in the intensive care unit, and on a machine, to breathe for me.  That machine was called, "the bird".  They had one of those plastic coverings over me like a tent, and I remained in intensive care for a week.  I had a collapsed lung, and developed pluracy in my lungs, which I had no idea.  Other than all my coughing, and spitting up flem, I felt o.k.  The doctor said, that I was in a critical stage, and could have died.  Wow!  Thats all I could say.
My orders, from Washington D.C., were going to send me to a military outfit, right there in Camp Pendleton, called 7th Marines.  It was located in Camp Las Pulgas, but instead of going there, I was sent to the hospital.  When I got out of the hospital 2 months later, my old outfit, 7th Marines, were in special training, called, "amphibious training", and were headed to "Okinawa Japan".  I did not go.  Instead, I was sent to what is called a "holding" company.
Thats where Marines go, that are waiting for new orders.  We got our orders, from Washington, D.C., so now it was a waiting game.  I was in the holding company for 2 weeks, and then I got my new orders.  I was headed for El Toro, California, which was a Marine Corps Air Base.  I was going to join, a Marine Corps Fighter Squadron, which flew fighter-jet aircraft, and it was at MCAS, (Marine Corps Air Station) El Toro, California.  This Air Station, is halfway between San Diego, and Los Angeles.
I loved it, because I was going to be close to my home, in Los Angeles.  I would be able to go home almost every weekend.  It was great, and a "God-send".  Man was I happy!  I was sent to join an outfit called, VMF-AW 542.
This was an "All-weather" fighter squadron, and I was put in supply.  I had a real good job, and great people (sargeants) that I worked under.                           (to be continued...)