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Movies and Television

Isaac's Community Service & Awards
Isaac's former guest book is back!
In my own words. A message from Isaac Ruiz
A personal message from Suz
We'll right back after this message
Linking to Isaac
Put me in coach. I'm ready to play!
Movies and Television
If you don't have Schlitz, You don't have gusto.
Amgo's forever
Meeting Mando. A fan and dear friend get together
Mando drops by Ed Brown's Garage
Cruising at 15 MPR can be so stylish!
A pistol packing papi chulo
Isaac and friends
Fun with Dick and Jane
Cherising Chico
Isaac on Charlies Angels
Roaming the Desert. Suzanne's visit with Isaac
Isaac's tour of duty .


Isaac appears as the Laundry man on Charlie's Angel's episode "Mother Angel"


Isaac's Television and Movie Career!


Moments in time captured of our "Hombre Guapo!" Isaac's funky yet fabulous career in showbiz!


Chico and the Man (1974) TV Series....Mando ( 1974-1977 )


Fun with Dick and Jane (1977) ....Raoul's Friend.


Now where to Hide ( 1977) ( TV)..... Hernadez... aka Fatal Chase.


Record City ( 1977) .... Macho


Corvette Summer ( 1978) ( as Isaac Ruiz Jr)... Tico...aka  The Hot One.


 The Rockford Files playing  "Jorge Sanchez"  ( as Isaac Ruiz Jr. ) in episode: "South by Southeast" ( episode # 4.18) February 1978.


Project UFO: Sighting 4017: The Devish Davidson Lights Incident September 28,1978


Charlie's Angels, playing "Laundryman" in episode: " Mother Angel"  ( episode # 3.10) November 15, 1978


Mojado Power (1979)Guest-Star, "Delvecchio" (CBS) "Where does it hurt?" (Peter Sellers)

* "New Centurions" (George C. Scott & Jane Alexander)

National Commercials

* McDonald’s

Mountain Bell

United Way

* 7up


(many local commercials)