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Roaming the Desert. Suzanne's visit with Isaac

Isaac's Community Service & Awards
Isaac's former guest book is back!
In my own words. A message from Isaac Ruiz
A personal message from Suz
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Linking to Isaac
Put me in coach. I'm ready to play!
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If you don't have Schlitz, You don't have gusto.
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Meeting Mando. A fan and dear friend get together
Mando drops by Ed Brown's Garage
Cruising at 15 MPR can be so stylish!
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Isaac and friends
Fun with Dick and Jane
Cherising Chico
Isaac on Charlies Angels
Roaming the Desert. Suzanne's visit with Isaac
Isaac's tour of duty .

Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.
--Belva Davis



I arrived in Tucson late Saturday night around 9:45 earlier then expected. I called Isaac after I received my luggage. We met at the front of the airport. I noticed Isaac pull up at the entrance. I could see him through the windshield of his car as he pulled up. I was relieved, not in the sense of being here alone but the edginess of coming here to Tucson and see Isaac for the first time seemed to put me a little at ease. We welcomed each other with a hug and smiled. Isaac asked how my flight was. I was happy and informed Isaac that my flight went well.

After Isaac graciously loaded his back seat with my luggage. We then left the airport heading towards my hotel. I enjoyed the music on the radio in Isaac's car. The station played classic R & B, Classic Funk , Disco. Isaac told that was his favorite radio station. Isaac mentioned that he was going to take the long way to the hotel so he could show me around the Tucson area.

Isaac asked me If I was hungry. I replied no, I was fine. It was a nice ride throughout the Tucson area. I witnessed a Sonic Burger, Several Wall greens and a drive through liquor store. I got a kick out of the drive through liquor store. Milwaukee does not have them there.

As we drove around Isaac often spoke of Freddie. Isaac spoke of how Freddie started and how talented he was. Isaac spoke of the commercials he himself did.

Turning on Broadway blvd Isaac mentioned that his office was near by. Heading towards his office Isaac pulled into the parking lot. Isaac unlocked the door and lead me inside. Giving me a guided tour around, Isaac showed me the conference room. My reaction was "oh so this is where I am always catching him most of the time. LOL. Isaac then showed me where his office was as I seen his name outside his door. There in his office where lots of pictures of his family. Two big pictures on his wall struck me. One was from the "Cherishing Chico article" in the local newspaper and one was from an appearance he made in a film. A younger looking Isaac wearing black jeans, white tee-shirt and sun glasses. I smiled after seeing that one.

Isaac showed the stack of letters he has saved. He showed me an old one that I had sent and one from a friend that Isaac and I both know.

We left to go to my hotel.

Arriving to my hotel Isaac graciously carried my luggage to the front desk. The man at the front desk asked if I was checking in. Isaac laughed then gave his name as I handed my information to the front desk person. As I received my information back from the hotel desk person, Isaac asked me if he could see my ID. As I gave it to Isaac I thought "he's looking at my stats!' I laughed it off as I received my card to unlock my room.

Carrying my luggage Isaac lead me to the glass elevator leading to my room on the 3rd floor. Finding my room Isaac mentioned about when we could get together again. I thanked Isaac for the ride to my hotel. Isaac went to the elevator and I went in and called it a night as it was almost midnight


Sunday, Isaac met me at my hotel and we  went out for lunch. Isaac took me to a great Chinese restaurant. He recommended the sweet and sour chicken. Isaac ordered for me  the sweet and sour chicken. He ordered Chop Suey and crunchy noodles.

Isaac talked about Freddie and the show. Isaac mentioned how Freddie was on the set. Isaac told me that he knew Freddie was taking drugs.

Emotionally Isaac tearfully mentioned how much he really misses Freddie. As I listened to Isaac speak about Freddie and on the set of Chico. I could tell how much Isaac missed Freddie and it was hard to ask questions after the conversations we've had and knowing that Isaac was still hurting over Freddie's death.

Isaac mentioned that everyone was afraid of him (Isaac) and how everyone thought he was a rebel.

We left the restaurant and headed toward the mountains. I was in awe over the beauty of the Tucson landscape. I got a kick out of Mando leaping on the big boulders as if he was king of the mountain!

I was quiet most of the time with him today as I was tired still from the night before and kind of in shock that I was in Mando's car sightseeing throughout Tucson.



Monday Isaac called, he said he would be running late, they were filming a commercial for there company.

Isaac arrived early afternoon at my hotel to take me out to lunch. Heading to a Mexican restaurant. we arrived as Isaac spotted a few people he knew. Isaac introduced them to me. We then sat down to our table Isaac ordered for me. Isaac did not  order for him and explained why and I understood.

We talked more about Freddie, Isaac's career, and his Schlitz beer ad done in 1978. Isaac said that Ad sold the most beer for Schlitz at that time.

After lunch Isaac drove to the University of Arizona. We took pictures of each other in various locations throughout the University. Isaac and I walked throughout the campus. Isaac pointed to a particular spot in a walk way leading throughout the campus. A plaque that he memorialized in honor of each of his children. The names of each of Isaac's seven children were engraved on the plaque.

Isaac showed me the building that had all of University of Arizona's awards and trophies. I was amazed by so many honors U of A have received.

Isaac then drove to U of A's football stadium. We both took pictures of each other there.

After seeing the foot ball stadium Isaac drove me to the Basket ball arena, We walked in and headed over towards the basket ball court. Carefully and quietly we were able to catch a glimpse of the University of Arizona’s basketball team practice till we got kicked out by security!

We drove out of the University then towards the mountains.

Isaac showed me the area as we were driving and showed  how steep it would be and that the road was the only way up is the only down too.

As we got higher I felt a little creepy as Isaac soon noticed. He was keeping me humored by constantly telling that he hopes his breaks work in his car!

We took pictures of each other at the top of the cliff side and over looking the view from where we were.

It rained a little then two rainbows appeared together. Isaac and I brought thought it was cool!

We then stopped by Isaac’s office. Isaac had to finish up some work. I gazed over Isaac’s pictures as he finished his report. Isaac went over his email as he remarked about the enormous amount of junk mail he gets. I noticed his list of junk mail. I mentioned I get the same thing from senders outside my address book and it just takes up space.

Isaac showed me pictures of his daughter Deborah and one of him and his daughter Hannah. Isaac also showed me a picture of him and Harry Carey. Happily Isaac showed me his wedding picture of him and his wife Renee.

Later Isaac and I were on my way to my hotel as he said, "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I gotta show you something!"

We arrived at the Piano store and when we got out of his car, Isaac kept saying, "You know how to play piano right?”

I was like, “huh?” Hee hee.

I kept insisting that I did not as I laughed while we entered the Piano store.

I followed Isaac to the back of the piano store as he mentioned to me that he wanted to see this one piano. Finding this particular piano, Isaac then sat down and played a little blues, and old time rock and roll as he sang along. Isaac then sang a song he had written, a love song. It was a beautiful song. Isaac mentioned that the song was for no one in particular, (drats! Hee hee)

We left the Piano store and headed back to my hotel. Getting out of the car I asked Isaac if I could have our picture taken together.

As we stood on the steps in the hotel lobby I turned to him and gave him a big hug. He gave me one as well.

Isaac spoke to the person who worked there asking about someone else who works there. The employee said that, that guy was off today. Isaac mentioned to the guy he was talking to that he looked young. As I recalled. Although I can not remember how old, or what year it was. I told Isaac that I was born in 1963. Isaac said that was the year his wife was born. (Which I had already knew from a reliable source but had to hear it from him personally).

I mentioned as I laughed that Isaac had robbed the cradle. Isaac laughed and said that she did. We said goodbye and I thanked Isaac for everything.






Isaac took me out to lunch Tuesday afternoon.

He ordered the Chicken Salad and fries and Ice water for me. He did not eat. Isaac informed me the day before as well as  today that he was fasting for religious reason. One in particular for a sick friend. I received my lunch and Isaac had ice water.

I asked Isaac about the photo of him and Angie Dickinson. Isaac said that it was taken during the time that Chico and the Man and Police women first aired. Isaac said that Angie had a thing for him and she wanted more. Isaac refused as he was married. Isaac also spoke of Pam Greer and how Freddie was gettting after her to go for Isaac. First Pan would hug Isaac, then Pam would kiss his cheek, then a peck on the lips!

Isaac noticed how I was eating, eating all of one item then working on the next. He mentioned that someone else that he knows does that too.

Isaac told me while I was eating that when he picked me up at the airport driving me around. He was wondering if he was ok, does he smell? Because he kept asking me if I was hungry, maybe we could stop for coffee and I kept telling him no, I was fine. Isaac then realize the time it was and figured I was probably jet lagged.

Isaac mentioned about almost having a chance to be in Milwaukee to perform for a church with his church group. He asked me how many members we have at our church and I said at the last head count it was around 8,000. Isaac was amazed.

I finished eating then Isaac took me back to my hotel he had a meeting to go to in a short time.

Later that evening I went out for a walk around Broadway the street where the hotel was located in. I was sadden that I was going to have to leave tomorrow and began to get upset. When I came back from my walk, I got a call from Isaac. He asked how my day was and what I did when he left. I told him I cruised up and down Broadway courtesy of the Sun Tran Transit System.

Isaac also reminded me when he was going to pick me up at the hotel to take me to the airport.

That evening I packed my suit case and prepared to be checked out of my hotel the following day.


Wednesday morning I checked out of my hotel at 8:30 am. I took my luggage to the lobby. While I waited for Isaac. I spoke to the concierge and front desk about my trip here and how it was. They asked if I had away to the airport and I told them that Isaac was picking me up and about his background on Chico and the Man.

Isaac arrived at my hotel at 9:45. 15 minutes earlier then expected. Isaac carried my luggage and feared he was going to throw his back out knowing how heavy it was. Isaac loaded my suit case, over night bag, and backpack that I put the bear in the back seat of his car.

On our way to the restaurant  we drove by the Air force base and seen long lines of planes.

Isaac drove to the restaurant that was near the airport. I reminded Isaac that I was going to pay for our breakfast since he has been so generous to me all the time I was here.

Isaac and I arrived at the restaurant and mentioned that how all the places he took me were so crowed all because they were popular. We found a table. Isaac ordered breakfast and I ordered a lunch.

Isaac spoke of Jimmy Komack and how Isaac fooled him thinking he was 22 when he was really 31. Isaac said that he was always getting himself in trouble because of how he spoke out.

Isaac spoke of Freddie being a lady’s man and could have anyone he wanted because of his popularity.

I asked Isaac about being on the set of Chico was there a time that the cast and or crew would break out in laughter. Isaac replied "Yes, Jack and Freddie would pull practical jokes on each other. One of them he mentioned involved Jack at the cash register and the shot glass he used. One time it was not inside of the drawer.

Isaac mentioned about his settling down and didn’t want to live the bachelor life. He dated a girl who was 25 and in love with him. Isaac felt differently and told her he was old enough to be her father.

I asked him how he and his wife Renee met. Isaac said he met her in a Mall in Phoenix.

Isaac seen her and had that spark as he put it. He unformed me that he used his quick wit to get her attention. Isaac told that he normally doesn’t give out his number but he gave it to her and said " I’ll give you two weeks to call me. If you don’t, ok". Renee called him back on the 14th day. Isaac told me that a lot of people stopped writing to him after he got married. I mentioned to Isaac that he broke my heart when I found out that he was getting married. I got over it though. Isaac replied, “Your already married.”

We finished our meal.

Isaac drove me to the airport . Arriving by my airline Isaac pulled over to the curb. Isaac helped me get my luggage out of his car.

I gave him a card with a hand written message inside.

Isaac smiled and said thank you. He asked me if I had fun and what was my favorite part of the trip. I told him the mountains when actually it was everything we did together. We spoke of how the time went by quickly while I was here.

I hugged Isaac goodbye and told him “ You’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever known”

Isaac got into his car as he had to get out of the area due to incoming traffic. We both waved to each other good bye.

Isaac was the sweetest guy throughout my trip here in Tucson, Arizona. Mando as I like to call him is and will always be a dear friend of mine. This is a moment in my life that will last forever. I am forever grateful for his friendship.

Thank you Mando for sharing such great memories for Chico and the Man.

P.S. Thank you for being a great tour guide!!!