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If you don't have Schlitz, You don't have gusto.

Isaac's Community Service & Awards
Isaac's former guest book is back!
In my own words. A message from Isaac Ruiz
A personal message from Suz
We'll right back after this message
Linking to Isaac
Put me in coach. I'm ready to play!
Movies and Television
If you don't have Schlitz, You don't have gusto.
Amgo's forever
Meeting Mando. A fan and dear friend get together
Mando drops by Ed Brown's Garage
Cruising at 15 MPR can be so stylish!
A pistol packing papi chulo
Isaac and friends
Fun with Dick and Jane
Cherising Chico
Isaac on Charlies Angels
Roaming the Desert. Suzanne's visit with Isaac
Isaac's tour of duty .


Isaac's well known Schlitz Beer ad appeared during 1978 in billboards, sport magazines, and newspapers all over the country and in every "Latino" community. Isaac has informed me that this particular advertisement sold the most Schiltz beer at that time.

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