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A personal message from Suz

Isaac's Community Service & Awards
Isaac's former guest book is back!
In my own words. A message from Isaac Ruiz
A personal message from Suz
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Put me in coach. I'm ready to play!
Movies and Television
If you don't have Schlitz, You don't have gusto.
Amgo's forever
Meeting Mando. A fan and dear friend get together
Mando drops by Ed Brown's Garage
Cruising at 15 MPR can be so stylish!
A pistol packing papi chulo
Isaac and friends
Fun with Dick and Jane
Cherising Chico
Isaac on Charlies Angels
Roaming the Desert. Suzanne's visit with Isaac
Isaac's tour of duty .

This website is dedicated to Isaac Ruiz.
I have been a dear friend to Mando for the past six years. I have enjoyed our phone conversations and emails that we  have made contact throughout that time as well.
Just recently I was able to make a trip out to Tucson Arizona where we were able to meet. I can not thank Isaac enough for his wonderful hospitality and pleasent conversation. His laughter, spontaneity, kind hearted nature  will stay with me forever.
Isaac as  most of you know is well known for his popular role of "Mando"  from  the hit 70's comedy series "Chico and the Man". Isaac has generously shared his precious wonderful memories of his days in Hollywood along with his very close friend and cast member Freddie Prinze. 
 I can not thank Isaac enough for his generousity visiting this site, as well as posting wonderful memories of his friendship with Freddie Prinze at my MSN Group.
 I am forever grateful of Isaac for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to me and my husband Jim on the phone. Spending countless times sharing his fond memories of  his close friend Freddie Prinze, his days on the set as well as his countless appearances on other well known Television shows.
Thank you Isaac for your laughter, and your spontaneous ideas and humor. I am honored to have you as a dear friend!
 Thank you mi amigo!
Tu amiga,
Thank you Isaac for your personal contributions  to this website, all photo's were courtesy of Mr. Isaac Ruiz's personal collection