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Isaac's Community Service & Awards

Isaac's Community Service & Awards
Isaac's former guest book is back!
In my own words. A message from Isaac Ruiz
A personal message from Suz
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Linking to Isaac
Put me in coach. I'm ready to play!
Movies and Television
If you don't have Schlitz, You don't have gusto.
Amgo's forever
Meeting Mando. A fan and dear friend get together
Mando drops by Ed Brown's Garage
Cruising at 15 MPR can be so stylish!
A pistol packing papi chulo
Isaac and friends
Fun with Dick and Jane
Cherising Chico
Isaac on Charlies Angels
Roaming the Desert. Suzanne's visit with Isaac
Isaac's tour of duty .


University of Arizona Athletic Executive Committee (Ambassador)


Honorary Letterman (University of Arizona)


University of Arizona Hispanic Advisory Board


Chairman Health festival (American Heart Association


Telethon Host (Easter Seals)


Host/Celebrity Waiters Dinner/Auction (Leukemia/Lymphoma)


Co/Founder Pat Boone Celebrity Golf Tournament


Founder "Fiestas en Domingo" (Summer Park Fiestas)


Board of Directors/"El Dia De La Mujer Hispana"


Michael Landon/Beau Bridges/Rick Springfield Celebrity Tennis


Tournament (won Championship of Tournament in 1997)